Dungeon & Dragons

[ Gareth Springpebble ]
[ Piper ]
[ Iona ]
[ Tianna ]
[ Sumae ]
[ Lucius ]
[ Seirei ]

- LG Halfling Rogue 10 / Ceric 3 (Wenta)
- NE Halfling Bard 6 / Dirgesinger 1
- NE Dragonblooded Human Psionist 6 / Seducer 4
- NE Dragonblooded Human Fighter 10
- NG Elf Wu Jen 6 (Water)
- LE Human Cleric 10
- CG Catfolk Rogue 6

   To role-play, or to roll-play ... I take twenty to answer the question.
   Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of plus one ranged weapons,
   Or to talk your way out of a sea of troubles, and by opposing skill checks, end them.

Yes, I like to play Dungeon & Dragons whenever time permits, which right now is usually about once a month with my wife and some friends (yes, my wife likes to play too, currently she's our DM). I got into D&D shortly before meeting my wife and is actually how I met her. Every once in a while I draw our characters and I've put them here because they are the most recent work I've done, and hopefully the best.