"Everyone has a star seed, but only the ones that glitter forever are the ones that belong to a senshi."
Welcome to AnimeForge's S6!!
Your source for creating your very own dream senshi. One of the latest trends in fanfictions, one that is becoming more and more popular, is the creation of new senshi. This site was created to help the growing number of fanfic authors attain a new senshi they can be proud of. This site will act as a guide to creating your own senshi. Along with some ideas and suggestions for creating your own senshi, an example senshi is created on this site to give you an idea of what to do. Happy Creating!

  • Naming your senshi
  • Your senshi's abilities
  • Your senshi's appearance
  • Other senshi stuff...
  • Cats and other guardians
  • Your senshi's personal name
  • Your senshi's birthday
  • Your senshi's profile
  • Your senshi's personality and life
  • To see what the final product of the example looks like, click

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