Sailor Vulcan
"I am Sailor Vulcan, blacksmith to the gods. Creator of the weapons of your destruction. Prepare as your soul burns in a realm hotter than the pits of hell itself."

Name: Akane Kazano
(or Amber Ashley Blacksmith)
Birthdate: July 29th
Sign: Leo
Blood Type: B
Family: Two parents
Likes: Engines
Dislikes: Pink frilly things
Favorite Food: Steak (rare)
Hated Food: Octopus
Favorite School Subject:
Automotives and Machine Shop
Hated School Subject:
Home Economics
Favorite Color: Gray and Chrome
High School Auto Club Member
Aspirations: Open her own farm equipment maintenance shop.
Gemstone: Ruby

Sailor Vulcan has a weapon called the Heart Forge Hammer which she needs in order to do all of her attacks.

Vulcan Star Power, Make-Up! Vulcan's transformation. To start, her body begins to shimmer and glow like a hot ember. Then a number of streams of glowing hot, molten metal swirl around her, eventually wrapping about her body where her fuku would be. The molten metal would then vanish from her body in a flurry of sparks, leaving her fuku behind. All the while, the ground beneath her splits open and her hammer raise from within. She would then be standing with her legs together, her left hand resting on her hip while the her other hand grips the handle of her hammer which is resting across her right shoulder.

Vulcan Magma Eruption: Holding the Heart Forge Hammer by it's base, she raises in up above her head. She then holds the hammer out in front of her, keeping it parrallel to the ground. In front of the hammer, a swirling mass of molten rock appears and then streams out to strike her opponent.

Vulcan Spark Strike Flash: (although Vulcan likes to call it her "Hammer Slammer"). Holding the Heart Forge Hammer above her head, parrallel to the ground, she begins spinning it above her head like a baton. She then stops spinning the hammers and strikes the ground with it which produces a number of rather large sparks which fly out in all directions, striking at multiple opponents, causing them to burst into flames.

Sailor Vulcan comes from the Moon Kingdom, during the Silver Millenium, at a time when Queen Serenity (Usagi's Moon Kingdom Mom) was a teenager. During this time, the planet Vulcan was the location where all the senshi weapons and items were made (ie: Saturn's glaive, Moon's Scepter, etc). When the negaverse attacked the ability to make such weapons was lost with the destruction of the Moon Kingdom as all the tools needed to make such weapons were lost. All except the heart forge hammer which Sailor Vulcan carries.
When the negaverse attacked Sailor Vulcan was a couple years older than Queen Serenity, making her much older than the rest of the senshi with the exception of Sailor Pluto. However, when she was sent to the present, she was only born a a year ahead of Sailor Uranus and Neptune and only three years ahead of the Inner Senshi, making her roughly the same age.

Sailor Vulcan was reborn as Akane Kazano and lived in a small farming community in northern japan. Being the only child of the family she had to help with the chores and farming. She became particularly interested in helping her father fix the equipment.By the time Akane was in junior high school, her parents realized she had a knack for mechanical stuff so when it was time for her to go to high school, they sent her to live in Tokyo to hopefully get a better education. She currently lives in a small house in Tokyo with a few other classmates and owns her own moped which she repairs herself.

Akane attends Juuban High School, the same school as Haruka, Michiru and the Inner Senshi. Haruka was the first senshi she met. She met her in the schools automotive shop where Haruka was getting her car tuned up. Haruka didn't recognize her but she did recognize Haruka. This is when Akane began to remember her past as Sailor Vulcan. Like the other senshi, she didn't remember her past until she runs into them, but unlike the senshi, her memory of the past is a little better. As a senshi, Akane is somewhat reluctant to admit she is one. Akane feels obligated to repay her parents for sending her to Tokyo and she feels that being a senshi gets in her way.

Running into Haruka, she began to see Haruka with the other senshi. At first she confused Usagi with her mother, Queen Serenity, but later realized she wasn't. She has still yet to reveal herself to the senshi, hoping that she may never have to. However, she knows that if they ever need her help, she will give it willingly.

Akane is a determined, confident, self-reliant girl. Not much gets her down as she is fairly happy-go-lucky. However, she is somewhat mouthy and always has to give her own opinion even when it's not wanted. Akane is also a tomboy. She tends to dress in guys clothing, much like Haruka, although she is nowhere near as trendy as Haruka preferring jeans and T-shirts. Akane primarily hangs out with guys (usually Auto Club Members) although she lives with a group of three other girls. She is also pretty strong. This from all the work she has done on heavy machinery and and she needs the strength in order for her to carry around the Heart Forge Hammer as a senshi.


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