Here Kitty, Kitty

Your Senshi's Guardian

" Luna, Artemis and Diana are the only three guardian cats known in the Sailormoon series but this doesn't mean to say there couldn't be more. "

You may want to consider giving your senshi her very own guardian cat. While only a few senshi have there own (namely Sailor Moon, Chibimoon, and Venus) you could event one for your own senshi, if you want one.

The first thing you'll want to decide is the name of your cat. When choosing a name for your cat, you should pick a name that is related to your senshi in some way (All the original cats' names are based on the moon). For example, if you pick one of the roman gods as the name of senshi, choose the name of the counterpart greek god as the name of your cat (ie: Mars and Ares).

Obviously you will need to decide whether your cat is a boy or a girl. Usually the name of the cat will help you decide that.

Next, how old is your cat? Is it a full grown adult, a kitten or somewhere inbetween.

The next thing you'll want to decide is what you cat looks like. basically, this means what is your cats fur and eye color. However, this can also include breed, such as kalico, saimese, persian etc. Of course, all guardian cats have the golden crescent moon on their forehead.

The last thing you need to decide is your cats personality. Generally, this includes what your cat acts like, any particular quirks the cat has and how the cat gets along with others, with your senshi in particular.

Guardian cats are not the only guardians found in the original Sailormoon series. As it is well known, Sailor Mars has a pair of ravens that watch over her named Phobos and Deimos after the two asteroid moons of Mars. Now while the two birds are in capable of speech and in most situations don't really seem to do anything except follow Rei around, they will come to her aid whenever she is in trouble.

This being said, is quite possible that there may be other kinds of guardians for your senshi to have.

Although I wasn't intending on giving Sailor Vulcan a guardian cat (because she really didn't need one) I ended up making her one anyway. I automatically choose the name Hephaestus. Hephaestus is the greek god for forges and fires, making it compliment Vulcan rather well. I also quickly gave him the nickname of Heph. Hephaestus sounded more like a guys name to me so the cat turns out to be a boy.
I didn't have to much difficulty deciding what Heph would look like. Right away I decided he would be a orange tabi. This was because orange is one color associated with fire and the only orange cats I know of are tabi's. I also wanted Heph to be rather tough and macho, so I decided he would be a large, full adult tomcat. For his eye color, I ended up picking a slate grey.
For Heph's personality, I decided to keep with the tough and macho idea. Rather than staying with Vulcan, Heph spends a great deal of time wandering the streets. He is a loner and is quite capable of taking care of himself. He is very sure of himself to the point of being cocky and very argumentative and will even start a fight if it comes to that (and he can fight).
Sailor Vulcan gives Heph his "space" as she often finds him quite abrasive if they stay together for too long. On occasion they've been known to argue to the point where they refuse to talk to each. Needless to say, name calling between the two is quite common.


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