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" Who is your senshi anyway? How come we've never heard of her before? Where has she been? What is she like? These are a few questions you should keep in mind when making your senshi. A really well made senshi seems to naturally fit within the Sailormoon Universe. "
Your senshi's history and personality are really only limited by your imagination. Thus, this section asks questions you may want to consider answering when making your senshi.

Where does your senshi come from? The most standard answer for the original senshi is either the Moon Kingdom in the past (most of the senshi), Crystal Tokyo in the future (Chibi Moon and Pluto), or from an entire different star system (the Sailor Stars). Your senshi could could from one of these but doesn't have too. Your senshi can come from wherever you wish it, just make sure it doesn't conflict with something in the original series.
One thing you may want to take into consideration is why your senshi has never been heard of before. Obviously, your senshi has never been mentioned in the original series so it would be wise to think of a reason why.

Does your senshi remember who she is or does she even remember that she is a senshi? Remember, most of the Inner Senshi had to be told that they were senshi before they remembered anything and their memories were not all that good of their past life. In fact, the only senshi to have any memories of the past are Sailor Pluto and Saturn. This of course leads to the next question.

How, when and where does your senshi meet the other senshi? You may not want to put this in your senshi's profile if your writing a fan fiction but you should still give it some thought.

Where does your senshi live? The most obvious answer is Tokyo. It's a wise idea to keep your senshi in Japan or you're going to have to explain how your senshi knows Japanese. All of the original senshi speak japanese and only a few of them can speak something else (Sailor Venus and Mercury are the only senshi that can speak english decently).

Who does your senshi live with? The most obvious answer is at home with her parents, but this does not have to be the case. It could be with other family, friends, or all alone.
What school does your senshi go to if at all? Does she go to school with one of the other senshi or does she go to another school. The schools the senshi go to are:
  • Juuban Junior High School - Usagi, Ami and Makoto
  • T*A Private Girls' Academy - Rei
  • Shibakouen Junior High School - Minako
  • Minato-ku Juuban Elementary School - Chibiusa and Hotaru
  • Mugen Gakuen - Hotaru, Michiru and Haruka
  • Juuban High School - Usagi, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Michiru and Haruka (Sailormoon Sailorstars) What school your senshi goes to also depends on her age.

    What does you're senshi act like? How does she treat the other senshi and how do they treat her? Basically it's a good idea to explain the way your senshi acts and feels to make her less two dimensional. When deciding her personality, there are a few things you can use to help you. The personal information from her astrological sign (see birthday) and her blood type (see profile) are two sources for possible personality types. Another thing you probably should take into consideration is your senshi's history. We are all shaped by our past so your senshi should be no different. Finally, sometimes a person acts a little differently when they are a senshi from when they are not.

    There still maybe some information other information you wish to include about your senshi such as special gifts or abilities (ie: Ami's IQ), her height, strength and whether or not she has a guardian. Anything you can think of that will make your senshi that much more interesting should be added.

    One suggestion: do not make your senshi the "perfect girl" without a flaw. Flaws and quirks make your senshi more interesting and less predictable than a senshi that could never do anything wrong.

    And now to make Vulcan complete.
    In sticking with the idea that she is an Inner Senshi, I decided to make Sailor Vulcan come the Silver Millenium. However, Vulcan comes from a time when Queen Serenity (Usagi's Moon Kingdom Mom) was a teenager, before the current senshi were born which is why none of the senshi know of her.
    In keeping with the blacksmith theme, I thought it would be cool if the planet Vulcan would be the location where all the senshi weapons and items were made (ie: Saturn's glaive, Moon's Scepter, etc). Unfortunately, the ability to make such weapons was lost with the destruction of the Moon Kingdom as all the tools needed to make sush weapons were lost. All except the heart forge hammer which Sailor Vulcan carries.
    I decided to bring her (plus all the weapons and items that were made) to the present much like the rest of the senshi. Now although, Sailor Vulcan was a couple years older than Queen Serenity during the Silver Millenium, making her much older than the rest of the senshi (except Pluto), when she was sent to the present, she was only reborn a couple years ahead of the others, making her roughly the same age.

    Next, I needed a reason for her interest in large mechanical things. The largest mechanical things I could think a kid would get near is farm equipment. This helped me decide where she was reborn as well. Akane was reborn and lived in a small farming community in northern japan. Being the only child of the family she had to help with the chores and farming. She became particularly interested in helping her father fix the equipment.

    Next, I needed a reason for her to go to Tokyo. Education in Japan is a really big thing so I figured it would be a good reason. Her parents realized she had a knack for mechanical stuff so they sent her to live in Tokyo and take High School and hopefully college there. She currently lives in a small house in Tokyo with a few other classmates and she owns her own moped. I decided to send Akane to the same school as Haruka, Michiru and the Inner Senshi. I did this as a convient way for her to run into the other senshi. Like the other senshi, she doesn't remember her past until she runs into them, but unlike the senshi, her memory of the past is a little better.


    By this point I had already pretty much worked out what Vulcan would act like. She would be a determined, confident, self-reliant girl. Not much would get her down as she is fairly happy-go-lucky. However, she is somewhat mouthy and always has to give her own opinion even when it's not wanted.
    Akane is also a tomboy. She tends to dress in guys clothing, much like Haruka, although she is nowhere near as trendy as Haruka preferring jeans and T-shirts. Akane primarily hangs out with guys (usually Auto Club Members) although she lives with a group of three other girls.
    I decided Akane would be pretty strong. The two main reasons I figured she would be strong are that she would have been working with big heavy equipment all her life and as a senshi she carries around a huge hammer.

    As a senshi, Akane is somewhat reluctant to admit she is one. Akane feels obligated to repay her parents for sending her to Tokyo and she feels that being a senshi gets in her way.

    Haruka was the first senshi she met. She met her in the schools automotive shop where Haruka was getting her car tuned up. Haruka didn't recognize her but she did recognize Haruka. This is when Akane began to remember her past as Sailor Vulcan.
    After that she began to see Haruka with the other senshi. At first she thought Usagi was her mother, Queen Serenity, reborn but later realized she wasn't. She has still yet to reveal herself to the senshi, hoping that she may never have to. However, she knows that if they ever need her help, she will give it willingly.


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