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"Although some people find this part optional, it is still a wise idea to describe what your senshi looks like, even if you never intend on having a picture for her. Having at least a physical description of your senshi allows other people to visualize in their heads what your senshi looks like instead of leaving them guessing."
As you probably already realize, the sailor senshi outfit or "fuku" has a standard design, making this section relatively easy. However there is still a certain amount of variation between the senshi fuku to allow some creativity on your part, especially if you add in the senshi of the Sailormoon season, Sailorstars. In this section, we will first deal with the standard fuku and then look at the stars fuku.

Now before you start working out the specifics of your senshi's looks, you'll need to decide which colors you want to use. As you probably already realize, all senshi fuku have one primary color plus one or two additional colors. These color combinations are unique to each senshi. Therefore it's a wise idea to make sure the colors you pick are not being used by another senshi. Also, when picking your colors, you should try to pick colors that will fit with your senshi's name or theme, if it has one.
On top of that you must also pick hair and eye color. Try to pick colors that work well together (unless you're going for a real visual statement in which case you pick colors that clash )

Or body of the fuku. This is composed of the white body, the skirt, shoulder flap, two bows and a round amulet/brooch/bobble thingy. The main standard variation in this part of the fuku is the colors of the skirt, shoulder flap, bows and brooch.
  • The Body Almost always white. There is also almost no variation except in the shoulders. Shoulders may be replaced with flares, transparent blue shoulder guards, or be complete removed. Basically, whatever you can come up with for the shoulders will probably go.
  • The Skirt: usually the primary color. May have two additional colors along the bottom as seen in Super Sailor Moon, or may be layered as seen in Eternal Sailor Moon.
  • Shoulder Flap: usually the primary color. Usually has 1 white stripe along the border but may have none or two.
  • Brooch: usually the primary color. Usually round but can be heart shaped as in the super senshi, star shaped as Sailor Saturn has or whatever you can think of.
  • Two Bows: one on the chest and the other on the small of the back. Usually they are the same secondary color but don't have to be. Super senshi's back bow also has longer ribbons.

    This is one part of the fuku with little variation at all, at least for the inner senshi. They are indefinately white with the elbows pads being the primary color, although they are sometimes the same color as the bows. Both Uranus and Neptune have gloves that end at the wrist.

    This is the part of the fuku with the most variation. Almost every senshi wears a different form of shoe except Sailor Moon, Mercury, Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi. This is where you can be the most creative. You want platform shoes or 9" pumps? So be it . The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you shouldn't use any extra colors.

    The only variation this part of the fuku has is the color of the jewel which is almost always the senshi's primary color. Super Sailormoon is the only senshi with a slightly different tiara in that the jewel is replaced with a gold cresent moon.

    This basically includes most jewelry, the choker and hair bobbles.
  • Jewelry: seems to be limited to earings. The earings however, can be whatever you want although hearts, stars and moons tend to be the favorites.
  • Choker: worn around a senshi's neck is almost always the primary color. There are a few variations found mainly in the outer senshi. Pluto has a red jewel hanging on hers, Neptune's has a gold cross with a sea-green jewel on here and Saturn has a star similar to her brooch on hers. Also the super senshi as a whole all have a gold star on them.
  • Hair Bobbles: although seems to be limited to Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi, they are still an option you can use in creating your own senshi. The hair itself can be any color and hairstyle you choose (even bald if you want ).

    Keeping all of this, do you need to follow these guidelines to the letter? the answer is obviously no, you don't. These are just suggestions which you can use at your own discretion. The main focus of this site is to be creative in making your senshi. So if you want your senshi to look a little different, go for it. Besides, if you want different just look at the senshi from Sailor Moon Stars.

    The Sailor Stars
    Obviously up to this point no mention was made of the senshi fuku of Sailormoon Sailorstars. The main reason behind this there is very little in common between their fuku. The only things their fuku have in common is that they all have shoulder flaps and some kind of tiara. Making a senshi fuku of this kind will probably give you the most freedom in creating your senshi's fuku. However, if your think about going down this path, you should consider this. No senshi from this solar system has an unusual fuku. If your senshi is from this solar system, they will definately be an oddball.

    And on with Sailor Vulcan. The first step was picking her primary color. Now according to roman mythology, Vulcan was the god of fire. However the color red was already spoken for by Sailor Mars. Vulcan, however, was also the blacksmith for the gods. This lead me to the color gray for her primary color. For her additional color, I decided to stick with the fire idea and picked an orangy-red color. Again sticking with the fire theme, I gave her redish-brown eyes. Her hair itself is straight and rather short in the back, just above the shoulders, while in the front it is rather long and swept off to the right. The front of her hair is a light red-brown with a dark brown streak while the back is also dark brown.

    Because Sailor Vulcan would be an inner senshi, I decided to keep with the standard white fuku style. Her skirt, shoulder flap, broach, and tiara jewel would all be the standard primary color, gray. Both bows would be the secondary, orangy-red color. The elbows, however, I made orangy-red as well as I thought too much gray would make her look drab. Her shoulder flap would have two white stripes, again I did this to get rid of some of the gray. Her broach is round and metallic in appearance to stick with the blacksmith idea. Her footwear consists of short white booties with a gray sole and short heals. For a little variation, I added large metal studded bracelets and ankle cuffs, again to add to the blacksmith theme. And finally, for jewelry she only wears a set a earings (pewter studs).

    Click HERE to see a picture of Sailor Vulcan.


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