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" Phenominal powers, good looks and a name, is there nothing more to a senshi? While these alone do make up what a senshi is, there are some things that are still needed to make a senshi truely complete."
Besides a name, power and a senshi fuku, there are a few other things that you might want to add to your senshi to make your senshi more like the originals. These things include a senshi symbol, and a challenge phrase.

All of the inner and outer senshi have a symbol which is (or is based off) the symbol of their respective planet or moon. For example, the moon's symbol is a cresent moon while jupiter's symbol is the number 4 (this is because back when this was decided, jupiter was considered the fourth planet... earth didn't count). Some planets have more than one symbol, Uranus has two symbols while earth has three. Even some non-planetary objects like stars, comets and the sun have symbols.

Now unless you picked the sun, earth, or comets, you're going to have to make a symbol for your senshi. Generally, this amounts to a lot of doodling and sketching until you find something you like. Keep in mind you don't want to make it to complicated. There are, however, a few things that can help you decide what you want your symbol to be.

  • First of all you might want to try is where your senshi comes from. Many of the planetary are based off the planet itself. For example, the symbol which represents the sun is a dot in the middle of a circle. This is an obvious representation of the fact that the sun is at the center of our solar system.
  • Another place to get ideas about your senshi's symbol is the senshi's theme. For example, Neptune was the god of the sea and was known to a to hold a mighty three pronged spear or "trident". As it turns out, the trident is also the symbol for the planet neptune.
  • Finally, one other idea for a symbol is simply what the planet looks like. Some obvious examples would be the symbols for the moon and for comets.
  • Some other possible ideas are the signs of the Zodiac, Greek Letters, Chinese Zodiac animals, Constellations and other various symbols as well as numerous symbol-like fonts out there.

    If all else fails, simply keep doodling until you come up with something you like...

    "For love and justice, I am the pretty sailor-suited soldier, Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!" This would probably be the most well known challenge phrase in Sailor Moon. A challenge phrase (or simply a challenge) is what the senshi says everytime the senshi confronts a bad guy. Every inner and outer senshi has one so it probably would hurt for your senshi to have one. The challenge can be basically whatever you want. However, there are a few guidelines you may want to follow.

  • First of all, almost all the senshi include their own name in the challenge.
  • Secondly, the challenge phrase is just that, challenging the enemy. The challenge phrase usually goes along the lines of "you have done something wrong and I'm going to do something about it." or some variation of this. However, this isn't always the case. Sometimes instead of challenging the enemy, the challenge phrase gives a description of the senshi. Sailor Saturn's challenge is a good example of this. "I am the messenger from the depths of death. Carrier of the protection of the planet of ruin, Saturn. The soldier of silence. Sailor Saturn."
  • Finally, it's also a good idea to keep in mind what you want your senshi's personality to be like. You want your challenge to sound like something your senshi would actually say.

    With these guidelines in mind, try to be creative. A well written challenge will add depth to your senshi and make all that much more interesting to your visitors.

    In deciding Sailor Vulcan's symbol, I tried a few possible ideas. First I thought of making it a combination of both the Sun's and Mercury's symbol since the planet Vuclan was between the two. They ended up with looking too much like Mercury's symobl or being to complicated. Then I turned to Vulcan's theme. The God Vulcan was a blacksmith who used both an anvil and a hammer. Now I thought an anvil would be pretty strange so I dropped that idea. The hammer, however sounded like a good idea, especially considering Sailor Vulcan used one as a weapon. Afterthat it was pretty easy doodling a pretty basic picture of a hammer and that ended up being her symbol

    Click HERE to see a picture of Sailor Vulcan's symbol.

    For Sailor Vulcan's challenge, I tried to use all three guidelines in creating. First I decided what part of her theme I would use in the challenge. I've always like the sound of "blacksmith to the gods" so I decided to use it. Next I decided to add the actual challenge section of the phrase. I decided to try and keep the theme going through the challenge itself to keep the continuity of the phrase and then I added in her name. The final phrase goes as follow...

    "I am Sailor Vulcan, blacksmith to the gods. Creator of the weapons of your destruction. Prepare as your soul burns in a realm hotter than the pits of hell itself."


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