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"In Sailor Moon, the name a senshi is quite often relective of the senshi themselves, particularly the japanese name. For instance, Sailor Moon's name means "Bunny of the Moon", While Sailor Mars' name translates to "Gift of Fire". The same consideration should be taken when deciding your senshi's name.

Although you can name your senshi whatever you want, if you want your senshi to be more like the originals, your senshi's name should reflect the senshi herself, particularly if you want a Japanese name.

If you've either got a healthy knowledge of japanese words or a decent English-Japanese dictionary, you can create a Japanese name for your senshi. There is also an online english-japanese dictionary HERE if you don't have your own. However before you can do this, you will need to learn a little Japanese grammar.

If you take a good look at most of the original senshi's names written in the typcial japanese style of last names first, you will begin to notice a pattern, particularly in the inner senshi. They all have that last name end in 'no'
  • Tsukino Usagi
  • Mizuno Ami
  • Hino Rei
  • Kino Makoto
  • Aino Minako
    This may seem peculiar but there is a reason behind this. Most japanese phrases of the form "That-no This" translate roughly into "This belongs to That" or "This of That". Keeping this in mind, let's use Sailor Moon's name, "Tsukino Usagi" as an example.
    "Usagi" in Japan translate literally to rabbit or bunny while "Tsuki" means the moon. Taking all of this into account, "Tsukino Usagi" literally means "Bunny of the Moon". This can be done with all of the other inner senshi as well.

    Mizuno Ami "Friend of Water"
    Hino Rei "Gift of Fire"
    Kino Makoto "Faith of Trees"
    Aino Mina "Child of Love"

    This same idea can be used to name your own senshi. Let's return to the Sailor Vulcan to give you a demonstration.

    Because Sailor Vulcan's theme being fire, volcano's and blacksmithing, I tried to find Japanese words that fit in with that theme. After looking in my handy-dandy english-japanese dictionary, I found a number of useful words.

  • For the word Fire, I found "hi", "kaji", "kasai", and "tabiki", all of which meant some form of fire. Immediately forgot about "hi" as that was used for Sailor Mars' name. Eventually, I decided I liked "kaji" the best.
  • I only found one word for Volcano; "Kazan".
  • I did not find any word for blacksmith but instead of giving up there, I check up on a few other relevant words. I looked up Iron and found the word "tetsu" and I also looked up the word Metal and got "kane". Again, I eventually decided I liked "kane" the best.

    After choosing these three words, I broke them down into which could be a first name first name, and which could be a last name. I decided both kaji and kane could easily be used for both first or last name while kazan should only be used for a last name.

    I then worked out all possible variation's.

    (I'll explain the variations in the first name later)
  • Kazano Kajiko "Fire of Volcanoes"
  • Kazano Akane "Metal of the Volcanoes"
  • Kaneno Kajiko "Fire of Metal"
  • Kajino Akane "Metal of Fire"

    I dropped the third one right away just because I didn't like the sound of "Kaneno". Then I decided I like the idea of having metal in her name so I dropped the first one. Eventually i picked the second one, "Kazano Akane" because fire is supposed to be the realm of Sailor Mars and should probably remain that way...

  • If this seems all a little confusing to you but you still want a Japanese name, there is an easier route to take. Obviously not all senshi were named this way as can be seen in the outer senshi. Although some of there names do have meaning, they are not as complicated as the inner senshi. For example Haruka means "far" while Setsuna means "moment" but the names as a whole hold no deeper meaning.

    First Names
    If you are absolutely stuck with coming up with a first for your senshi or are unsure if the name you have chosen could be used for a girl, here is a little hint that may help you.
    You may have noticed that with the Sailor Vulcan example, I was considering the "Kajiko" even though the word for fire was just plain "kaji". This is because quite often, japanese girl's names end in "ko". It is quite common in Japan for a girls name to be made by taking a word and adding ko to the end of it. Some other examples would be Fujiko (Mt. Fuji), Mariko (ball), and of course Minako (everyone).
    (If you're wondering how I got "Akane", it was close to "kane" and I already knew it was a girls name )

    If you would rather stick with an english, it is still possible to name your senshi based upon your senshi's theme. For example, "Serena" is obviously named after the "Sea of Serenity" which can be found on the moon. One good places to look for names that fit your senshi's theme is a Thesaurus. With a thesaurus you will often find words that are related to your theme that can be used for a name. Another source is a book of names. Although these books were made for expecting parents trying to decide on a name for their child, they can be quite useful as they give the meaning of a number of names.

    Again, let's return to the Sailor Vulcan to give you a demonstration.

    Assuming I decided not to give Sailor Vulcan a japanese name, I'd obviously have to give her a english one.
    Her last name, "Blacksmith" came to me rather quickly. It is a relatively common last name and it obviously fits in with her theme.

    Her first name, however, took me a little longer to come up with. After spending a fair amount of time hunting through a thesaurus, looking for words that dealt with fire, I came finally came across a word that stood for the hot, glowing coals that can be found in a fire, "Embers" which to me made me think "Amber". Although I liked the name "Amber", I decided to search a little farther and soon found the word "ash" which I turned into the name "Ashley".

    Having found two possible first names, I decided to choose "Amber". However, Instead of dropping the name "Ashley" altogether, I decided to give her a middle name. So if Sailor Vulcan were to have a English name, it would be "Amber Ashley Blacksmith"

    Obviously you may not always find a name that fits your senshi in which case you will just have to choose a name that fits your fancy. However, I'm sure that in most cases, if you search long enough, you will find a name that fits you senshi to a tee.


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