Senshi No-No's

Basically, this is a list of things you should probably avoid doing when making your senshi. However, these are only suggestions and what you do in the end is entirely up to you.

Never copy another senshi. This means both original senshi or fan senshi. Copies of the original senshi are really obvious to anyone who knows anything about sailormoon and copying somebody elses senshi just isn't nice and will probably make them your enemy for life.

Don't make a senshi for a planet that already has a senshi (This is mainly for people who have only seen the North American version). Just because you have never seen the senshi, doesn't mean they don't exist. Doing this tends to upset die hard Sailormoon fans.

Don't make your senshi all powerful. It's common knowledge that the three most powerful senshi are Sailors Moon, Saturn and Galaxia. Besides, really powerful senshi are rather boring as they win too easily.

Don't make your senshi's powers the same as another senshi's powers. Each senshi has her own unique type of power and so should yours.

Don't make your senshi "perfect". Every senshi has a little quirk or flaw (ie: Moon is clutzy, Mars is bossy, Mercury is weak, etc). If you're smart your senshi will have a quirk as well. It will make your senshi that more interesting.

If you're going to make a Sailor Earth be prepared to explain yourself. It's a well known fact that Mamoru is the senshi for the earth so you will have to explain why there is another senshi for the earth.
A senshi for the Earth is probably the second most popular senshi on the net. Therefore, if you're going to make a senshi for the earth, try and make her as original as possible.
Also try to avoid calling your Sailor Earth "Terra". Terra is the number one most popular name for all the Sailor Earth's on the internet.
(I know I did it and if I could change it I would. I'd change her name to Chikyuno Inochi "Life of the Earth")

If a senshi for the earth is the second most popular fanfic senshi, then a sailor for the sun is the most. As with a sailor for the earth, if you're going to make a sailor sun/solaris/sol, make her original.

If you're going to make a Sailor X or Sailor Nemesis, again be prepared to explain yourself. The planet that the members of the dark moon family of Sailormoon R come from is the tenth planet, Nemesis.

Don't not make your senshi related to Mamoru. Mamoru has only one live relative and that is his daughter from the future, Chibiusa. This can probably be said about the rest of senshi also.

Try to make your senshi come from Japan. Otherwise your going to have problems dealing with a language barrier.

If you're making a group of senshi, try to give them names that compliment or work well together. Don't have a Sailor Zeus with a Sailor Rainbow and Sailor Draco.

Try not to use the Greek equivalent names of the original senshi names. They usually end up being duplicates of the senshi their name is similar too. These names are, however, good for guardian names.

Don't make too many senshi, particularly if you plan on using all the original senshi. If you start using to many senshi, it becomes hard to keep track of them all and they tend too start overlapping with both the original senshi and each other.

With respect to the possibility of male senshi. In Sailorstars it is stated that Tuxedo Kamen is a senshi of sorts in that he has a senshi starseed and in the manga (comic) he is endowed with an attack called "La Smoking Bomber". This being said, at least one male senshi exists. However, whether Mamoru is a unique case or other male senshi exist was never determined.
My personal belief is that male senshi are at least extremely rare. I base this belief in fact that there are 32 female senshi that appear in the entire sailormoon universe while there is only one male. This being said, I suggest if you are dead set on making a male senshi, make only one.
The reason I don't have a help section on creating male senshi is that with only one character to work with, it's impossible to make any generalities about them. My only sugestion in creating a male senshi if you choose too is to study up on Tuxedo Kamen and the rest of senshi and use what traits you find applicable to create your own.

That pretty much covers it. As stated before, these are only suggestions I've come up with and are not rules you must adhere to. If you've a great idea for a "troupe of male senshi named after the greek equivalents of the original senshi", go for it (Hey, that might actually be and interesting idea).
If there is anything you think I've missed, email me at


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