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Your Senshi's Powers

" Without powers or special abilities all a senshi is, is a person with an unusual taste in clothing. A senshi's powers help define the senshi as a person and inevitably, what role the senshi will play. "
As one might guess, the a senshi's powers and abilities include the attacks they use to defeat their opponents. However, they also include any items or weapons they might use as well as the phrase they yell out in order to transform into their senshi form. It almost goes without saying that a senshi's powers is almost always based off the theme of the senshi. For example, Sailor Mars' has the power of Fire while Sailor Neptune has the power of the deep sea.

Many of the original senshi have had at least one item at one point during the Sailor Moon series. These items include, pens, lockets, weapons, computers, communicators and the such.

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, all of the Outer Senshi and even Sailor Chibi Moon all have used some kind of item as a weapon. More often than not these items gave the senshi a new power that the senshi could only use when possessing that weapon. One thing that is odd however, even when the item was an actual weapon such as Uranus' Space Sword, they were never actually used for physical fighting (with exception of Saturn's glaive and Uranus' sword).
If you decide you want your senshi a weapon of some kind, first you have to decide what the item is. The item can be a number of things and does not necessarily have to be a weapon. However, it's a god idea to consider your senshi's theme when deciding what the weapon will be. For example, Sailor Neptune's item was a mirrior.
Next you have to give the item some sort of name.
Once you have decided which item you want and what it's name is, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind. First of all, does your senshi need it for all of her powers or does it only give the senshi one additional power? For example, Sailor Moon always needs an item to do an attack while Sailor Uranus' Sword only gives Uranus one additional attack. Also, does your senshi carry the item like Sailor Moon's and her Moon Scepter or does it "magically" appear like Sailor Saturn's glaive?
Finally, you have to decide what power(s) the item bestows upon your senshi. However, I'm going to save the creation of the actual powers for later.

Henshin Items: Many of the items such as the pens, lockets and the holy grail help the senshi transform and/or gain more powers. While does this doesn't mean you have to give your senshi a henshin (transformation) item, it means you can if you want too. If you do decide to give your senshi a henshin item, I would suggest the pen as it is the most common but that is entirely up to you (Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Chibichibi and Saturn are the only senshi of our solar system who don't use a pen).
Other Items: The rest of the items generally helped the senshi in one way or the other. This would include the communicators and the Mercury computer. They helped the senshi keep in contact with each and helped figure things out as well. If you decide you want your senshi to have one of these miscellaneous items, not only should you try to pick something that would be useful to your senshi, you should pick an item that can be used on numerous ocassions. (In other words, try to avoid what I like to call the "star trek" syndrome - the act of producing a nifty gadget and then never see it again... ever ).

By now you should already decided if your senshi requires an item in order to transform or not. Your primary concerns now should be the henshin phrase for the transformation and how the transformation actually goes.

Henshin Phrase: The first word in the henshin phrase is always the senshi's name without fail. The second word in the phrase can be one of many things, which depends on your senshi. If your senshi is an outer senshi, the second word is "planet" (This is an assumption with respect to Sailor Saturn as her transformation phrase has never been revealed, if she has one at all) . However, if your senshi is a inner senshi, it's a little more complicated.
The second word is "crystal" if the inner senshi is a super senshi, otherwise the word "star" or nothing at all is used. One thing should be kept in mind when choosing between crystal, star or nothing at all for the second word. These words represent how "experienced" an inner senshi is, crystal being the most experienced while nothing at all being the least. You should keep this in mind as a senshi with less experience should only have a few weak powers when compared to a more experienced senshi.
The third word in the henshin is always "power". If you decided to make your senshi japanese, you should also attached the words "make-up" to the end. In the end, your senshi's henshin phrase should be something like "Senshi (blank)/Star/Crystal/Planet Power (Make-Up)!"

Sailor Moon (and Chibi Moon) obivously don't follow this pattern as she has a number of different henshin phrase, of which only one follows the normal pattern. Therefore if you want, you could make your senshi's henshin phrase whatever you wish, although I don't suggest straying too far.

You may also wish to describe what your senshi's transformation sequence looks like. It can generally be whatever you can think of although there are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

  • First of all, it should be based around your senshi's theme (ie: Fire for Mars, Lightning for Jupiter, etc).
  • Secondly, whenever any of the senshi transform, their body's shimmers.
  • Lastly, they always finish their transformation with some sort of pose.

    A senshi's powers help define what the senshi is and should not be taken lightly. However, it is also a place where you can be very creative and have lots of fun with as there are very few restraints in creating your senshi's powers. There are, however, still a few things you need to take into consideration when creating your senshi's powers.

  • First of all, the first word of an attack phrase is almost always the senshi's name (this isn't entirely true as Sailor Venus once used a "Hissatsu Love Me Moon Chain"). The rest of the phrase is entirely up to your choosing, but should be based on your senshi's theme.
  • Secondly, the power of your senshi should be based on your senshi's theme. (I know i'm starting to sound like a broken record, but sticking to a certain theme is important. It gives your senshi a sense of congruity and wholeness instead of being and character slapped together with bits and pieces).
  • Another things is don't copy another senshi's powers unless you have a very good reason to. Each senshi is supposed to be unique unto herself. Besides it looks silly and if you do, people will probably think that you couldn't come up with anything original yourself.
  • Last, this is only a suggestion, but don't make your senshi "all powerful". Super powerful senshi make for really boring characters. Making a senshi super powerful makes it way too easy for the senshi to beat up on bad guy's and makes any stories you may want to make way to predicatable. Besides it's a well known fact that Sailor Saturn is the most powerful senshi (although some argue that Sailor Moon or Sailor Galaxia is).

    Aside from that, go wild and experiment with ideas for your senshi until you come up with some powers that are truly unique!

    Besides from the standard powers, you may wish to add a special power to your senshi. Sailor Mars is one example of a senshi with special abilities. On ocassion, Sailor Mars receives premonitions of the future. Other possible special abilities you might want to consider are, telekinesis, telepathy, animal empathy, and the such.

    Since a part of Sailor Vulcan's theme is a blacksmith, I thought it would only make sense for her to have some sort of weapon. After alittle consideration, it realized it only made sense that she should have a hammer, the tool of trade for a blacksmith. However, the hammer would be much larger. After deciding on the hammer, I quicky came up with the name of "Heart Forge Hammer". I chose this name because "forge" has to do with metalworking, which is what a blacksmith does and the name overall sounds like something you'd see in Sailormoon. Finally, I decided she needed the hammer for all of her attacks as it would look cool for her to be carrying around this big hammer all the time. Click here to see a picture of the Heart Forge Hammer.

    In deciding Sailor Vulcan's transformation phrase, I took a few of things into account. First of all she is an inner senshi, secondly she isn't a super senshi and thirdly, I didn't want her to be a rookie either. Taking all these into account, her transformation phrase ends up being "Vulcan Star Power, Make-Up!"

    In deciding her how her transformation would go, I choose to use the blacksmith theme as a basis. After doing some brainstorming, I came up with the idea of a number of streams of glowing hot, molten metal swirling around her, eventually wrapping about her body where her fuku would be. The molten metal would then vanish from her body in a flurry of sparks, leaving her fuku behind. She would then be standing with her legs together, her left hand restingon her hip while the her other hand grips the handle of her hammer which is resting across her right shoulder.

    Because Sailor Vulcan is not a super senshi, I decided to only give her two attacks. in sticking with Vulcan's theme, one of the attacks would be based on volcanoes while the other on blacksmithing (I didn't bother using fire as i didn't want her powers overlapping with Mars).

    Her first power I decided to call "Vulcan Magma Eruption" which is obvious based on the volcano theme. In short, she holds out the hammer by the end of the handle in front of her, keeping it parrallel to the ground. In front of the hammer, a swirling mass of molten rock appears and the stream out and strikes her opponent.
    Her second power I decided to call "Vulcan Spark Strike Flash" (although Vulcan likes to call it her "Hammer Slammer") and is based off a blacksmith theme. To put it simply, she strikes the ground with the hammer which produces a number of rather large sparks which fly out in all directions, striking at multiple opponents.


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