Sailor WHO?

Naming your Senshi

Probably only of the most important part of a sailor senshi is their name as a senshi name can quite often effect every aspect of a sailor senshi. Their personal name, birthdate, personality and powers can quite often be determined, just from the name the senshi is given. Therefore the senshi name should be given a lot of thought. Besides, no one will take a senshi named "Sailor Flibbertygibbets" seriously, no matter powerful they are...
There are a variety of methods to choosing a name, most of which involve picking some sort of theme.

The most often picked method is the ever popular "Pick a celestial body and slap the word 'Sailor' in front of it." This would include stars, planets, moons, asteroids, galaxies and the such. The following are a list of moons, planets and asteroids of our solar system for which no senshi currently exists in the orignal Sailor Moon Series.

There are also countless stars, galaxies, nebula's and such to choose from, more than can be listed here.

Besides some of the more obvious ones, there are a number of creative variation to the space theme.

Constellations & The Zodiac
Both of these themes have a definate relationship with the stars and planets, many of which have special belief attributed to them which can help build a senshi's profile.

Throughout history, thre have also been a number of speculated observations of "extra" planetary bodies in our solar system. Most if not all of these sitings have never been confirmed, however, this is not to say they never existed.

There are other various names that can be used that follow the Space theme. Names such as, Neutron, Eclipse, Pulsar, Nova, Corona and many more could be used.

The next most popular method is the mythology method. Mars, Jupiter, Venus, etc. are not only the names of the planets of our solar system, they are the names of Roman gods and goddesses (although SM use a few greek gods as well). There are a plenitude of various mythological names out there that can be used and they don't necessarily have to be Roman. What makes the use of mythology is that many of the names have some sort of attribute to them which can be used in creating your senshi.

There are a number of other possible themes to use for naming your sailor senshi.

  • Weather: such as clouds, rainbows, and sunshine could be used.
  • The Elements: such as earth, wind and fire,
  • "Chibi: create a whole new generation of senshi.

    And these are just a few. There are obviously other themes with which could be used as I've only listed the most common. However, this should give a good starting point, and hopefully a few good ideas in naming your own scout.

    AS A SUGGESTION - If you are planning on making more than just one than one senshi, try to keep to the same theme for all your senshi, or least pick themes that work well with each other (ie, roman gods, greek gods and planets work well together). Having a Sailor Odin along with a Sailor Sunshine and Sailor Libra just seems odd

    As promised on the main page, an example senshi for you to follow has been made. The senshi in question comes from the mythical planet between the Sun and Mercury and is named after the roman god of fire and volcanoes, blacksmith to the gods, Sailor Vulcan. There are a few reasons why I picked Vulcan. One reason is that Vulcan is the roman god of fire, volcanoes and metalworking. This can obviously be used in creating Sailor Vulcan's powers. Another reason is planet Vulcan's possible, however unlikely, existence. This also lets me keep the the standard idea that the sailor senshi are princesses of their respective planets.


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