• Astronomical Sailor Moon Observatory

    What started it all. It's hard to believe this all started with a prank to get one of my friends who was huge into DiC Sailor Moon but knew little to nothing about the original japanese version. The prank was to make him believe that their was a Sailor Earth. From there it grew into a fanfic which grew into ASMO, which at one point even had voice actors with audio snipits, club membership, etc until I had to scale it back to make room for Angels and my menagerie of characters. It hasn't changed much since then but it's all still there.

  • Sailor Senshi Star Seed Supply Shoppe

    My little senshi character creation help site that sprung forth as the result my wanting to help the newbie senshi fanfic writers create senshi of their own (and quit pestering me about it on a constant basis). It's pretty much how it was when I first put it up, and am not sure if it's worth the while to update it but I have'nt had the heart to take it down.