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Happy New Year(s)

*GASP!* Yup, I'm still alive and I'm back. Which is weird since 'pay attention to my website' was not one of my resolutions this year.

Angels RPG

Whelp. The updates the the Angels site are as complete as they will ever be, and have been for while. I'm pretty much assuming the likelihood of finding any more of the missing material just ain't going to happen. So that being said, feel free to peruse the site and read up on what happened in the good ole days but that's it. Finito. There will be no more. Which leads to the...


Ahhh, the reason I've reared my mug after all these years. The webcomic about the Angels that was supposed to be a reboot of the RPG in a new format. The thing is since I last posted in here, I eventually realized that while I had a good idea of how the story started and where it would eventually end up, the journey in between completely eluded me. To me the Sailor Angels RPG had always been open with regards to the direction it was going due to the number of people who influenced the story (the LoD's could have ended up winning for all I know). As such, I had trouble coming up with a story that didn't sound like the regurgitation of Sailor Moon with new characters, and after a few months of spinning my wheels I gave up.
And so the idea of me doing my own webcomic died with it.
That is until about a month ago. It's weird what you can come up with when you get a funny (and kinda bizzare) idea during a 3 hour ride car with someone you feel comfortable enough to talk to about it (have I mentioned I love my wife?). A month later of brainstorming, doodling and getting comicpress into a functioning state, the result is something I'm calling '2nd Childhood'. Now, if you're expecting my usual girls-in-cute-uniforms-fighting-forces-of-evil, you will be disappointed. And while it is based on a somewhat common plot idea with a the twist, I hope it will be entertaining and funny enough that people will enjoy it.

2nd Childhood

FYI - despite the 'apparent' age of the main character, the webcomic is intended for an older audience as it does contain language and adult situations.


Happy New Year

Well it's been a while since I've updated and I appollogize (heh) for that. But it's a brand new year and with the new years come a brand new batch of the same old reasons of not having enough time.

Angels RPG

The Lords of Darkness are finally starting to get some luvin! Over the next little while I'll be updating the site to include a large number of the missing Lords and Maidens of Darkness as well as a few more of the missing/incomplete Angels and Virtues thanks to the help of Scott who had them backed up. Thanks Scott!


Yes, I actually have done some work on this '~', though most of it has been done in my head. As I said before, I'm no longer basing the angels on the 'Sailormoon' universe. Instead I'm basing it on the the world of 'My Little Pony'. I've even done a group shot of the characters. XD

Seriously though, I've done a few character sketches of the starting cast and even storyboarded the first few pages. I've even got Wordpress installed with the Comicpress add-on. All that did was reinforce how badly moth-balled my computer knowledge has become. It has become readily apparent to me that trying to start up a webcomic (at least a half decent one) is extremely time consuming. I know I've bitten off more than I can chew, of a meal in which I'm looking at the entree having already gotten full on the appetizer ... if that makes any sense.

(btw; the picture was done for my daughter who happens to love My Little Pony)


Angels RPG

Huzzah! My plan to gain the attention of numerous younger women is succeeding! Err, I mean it's been great to hear back from those people I used to comrade with so many years ago. And as a nifty side bonus, gain some more material for the angels site. Huzzah! Unfortunately, the lords of darkness are still sadly, mostly forgotten... no love for the bad guys I guess.


Thanks to those of you who have posted to the guestbook. I've come to notice that there is an obvious max character allotment which I am unable to change. Gomen to those of you who have had their thoughts cut greviously short in their prime. Anyone wanting to leave more than just a short hello, I suggest either email me, or use the guestbook under the angels site, which has no such tiny restriction.


Making this part of website into a blog isn't going as well as I expected. Mind you I guess this should have expected this seeing as how my knowledge of Perl over the years has turned into what now appears to be a shrivelled up ball of uselessness.


Angels RPG

Well most of the angels' sites have been found at least in part although their graphics for a large part have gone missing. Almost all of the angels now have a version of their original website operating at least in part although some of them that joined just before the RPG went under have only their orginal applications posted (that was all I was able to find). The few that don't have anything posted is the result of either not finding their original web address or had some form of robot.txt exclusion resulting in them no being archived(people that were on saucybard.com in particular). The Lords of Darkness on the other hand I'm having a really hard time finding, seeing as I've only found four so far and I'm starting to exhaust all my leads for them. So as usual, anyone having info on the missing angels and LoD's (or an address for some of the new angels, even if it's expired) please tell me. That also holds for any of the stories too. So far I've only found 6 of the 24 stories that were either done of ongoing.


Right now I'm working on making this a proper blog style update page instead of the lovely html format I'm using right now which requires me code everything and doesn't archive. Hopefully, I can get all the bugs out soon.


Angels RPG

Woo! Thanks to Jackie, the SA:AoC pages will soon be bursting with more Angel-ly content of bygones past. It will take me some time to get it all fixed and posted but the important thing that the proverbial needle that were many of the angels pages have been found in the proverbial haystack that is the internet. Most of the info content is already up but the character pages need a lot more TLC so they will be coming on a much slower basis.

Ramiel gets smrt'r

In other ramiel.org news, I've decided to join the 21st century and got myself a smartphone (Okay, I was forced to as apparently my old cell doesn't work so well after going through the wash). What does this have to do with ramiel.org? It means I'll be even faster at receiving and replying to email's and I'm back on facebook again, though I really haven't posted much there.

Chatroom revisited

The chatroom is pretty much running smoothly now. Only thing I need to fix is the logout, which does work but doesn't end up where I'd like. Of course this is all pretty moot as the only people to have visited itso far are myself and my lab assistant aka 'nutbar'.


Lastly, news on Ramiel the webcomic. I've actually started thinking about the concept of a webcomic based on the Sailor Angels. I've got a basic plot idea in my head, which shouldn't be that much of a surprise since it is similar to that of the RPG and I've been working out the first seasons main characters including some character sketches. I'm guessing anyone who read or was a part of the RPG will think that's kinda silly since the characters were already established in the RPG. Problem is, other than a few of the original angels (Ramiel, Kamael, and maybe Baraqiel), I'm creating a new cast of both angels and demons. I'm doing it for a couple of reasons.
First, the original angels were created by a great number of people who many not want me to use there creation, nor would I necessary do justice to their creation even if they did.
Second, I'm removing the angels from the sailormoon universe. This means no sailor outfits, no henshins, no guardian cats, etc. and having to try and overhaul all the orginal angels so they conform would take me forever. Ramiel and Kamael are the only exceptions as they were both of my creation to begin with so I already know how to handle them and Baraqiel is sort of important to the plot so he may stay the same as well... and yes I do intend on asking Cal if I go through with it, which shouldn't be to hard since she still operates seiryuu.org.


Chat room

I've been playing around with the chat room a bit. I'm setting it up to be accessible from both the angels page and from the link below. It seems to be working but as a result, the graphics need to be fixed, which I will be working on.


Angels RPG

Well it happened sooner than I thought. I've gotten what's left of the RPG back up, though it ain't what it used to be. I've managed to salvage a couple of the character pages and the chat room and guestbook is running again. Check it out if you're feeling nostalgic.


Formerly animeforge.com

What happened to the name?
Well in my many years of neglect of the site, the domain name went unpaid and was quickly picked up by a company which of course wants money for it. Money I'm not willing to part with. In retrospect, animeforge never really fit anyway, and being that back in the websites heyday, I was known by most as Rami, I figured ramiel.org was more apt.

Where the hell have I been for the last decade?
Ummm... I met a girl... and it spiral out of control from there... though in a fun rollercoaster in the dark kinda way. It's funny how marriage, house/mortage, employment, kids, etc. change your priorities, whether or not you want them to, assuming you are even aware the changes are happening. Needless to say, the site became low on the totem pole of life and then forgotten. Then one day last fall I got an email at my home email address (ya know, the one I only give to family, close friends and every creed of spammer) from yahoo stating geocities was shutting down. My wife, knowing that this had once been a part of my life that I had sort of given up after meeting her, suggested I start it back up again. So I did... sorta. New domain name, new layout (with code dating back to ten years ago... I haven't exactly had reason to keep up with it until now), fixed links and the like.

Where do we go from here?
Well, now that this is back up and running, I intend to be a bit more diligent (which should be too hard since up until now I haven't been diligent at all). This means if you email me, especially with a question, I might actually get back to you... eventually (don't expect miracles... I have to squeeze this into my week somehow). I'm also thinking of re-opening the Angels site, though more of an info page and chatroom for the old members who feel nostalgic to get together. Plus I've already been posting some new art. My wife is even poking me about doing a webcomic based off the angels, but don't be expecting that any time soon, it's more of a pipe dream. And any changes that happen will come slowly but I do hope they will happen... like the guestbook for instance.

Anything else?
Umm, post in my afore mentioned guestbook? I'd be nice to know people still remember me and that I'm not just wasting my time here. I have a funny feeling most of the traffic this site gets now is well... me. I'd especially love to hear from people I used to chat with and see what's been up to for the last decade.

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